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Sharingan Lenses 3 Tomoe NRT2912


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Naruto Contact Lens, Sharingan: grow to be a real Uchiwa with this pupil. The hereditary dojotsu of the clan of Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Obito.

  • Mushy Lens: Rinnegan Lens
  • (*3*)Supplies: HEMA
  • (*3*)Lens Diameter: 14. 5MM
  • (*3*)Water: 38%
  • (*3*)Lifetime: 6 months
  • (*3*)Correction: 0D (NO CORRECTION)
  • (*3*)Care ideas : it’s essential to wash your fingers and the lens with a correct product earlier than every use! It isn’t really helpful to put on the lens greater than 8 hours a day!